Oikos Doors – Architectural Security Doors

Oikos doors are based near Venice in Italy producing the world’s finest architectural security doors. Certainly being located in such a creative and historical manufacturing region creates the inspiration for such fine products.

Oikos are world leaders in what they do – creating doors that look as good as they perform. Because fundamentally performance and aesthetics are treated with equal focus this highly superior product is born.

Security is at the heart of any Oikos door and every door has a minimum of Class 3 rating. As a result these doors are virtually impenetrable, often compared to that of a bank.

Electronic locking is available on all the product ranges. Operated via app, proximity card, keypad or finger print the Arkey system is smart and convenient.

As energy consumption has become more of a focus Oikos have developed their products to be more energy efficient. Consequently all product ranges can now be highly thermally efficient.

When it comes to look and design no other brand can rival Oikos. Hence you can find Oikos doors on some of the most architecturally demanding projects in the world. Staying at the cutting edge Oikos use continuous research and development of new materials. Most noteworthy timber is now not the only material option but one of many. Moreover metals, ceramics and even natural stone can be your specified door finish.

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